About us.

Hi, my name is James Harris I work with my amazing wife Rebecca to provide wedding photography across the UK.


As recent newly weds we understand exactly what a modern couple are going through, all the planning, stress and worrying on the run up to the wedding, we can trade war stories and offer advice on what to look out for.


We feel the most important part of photography is to make you emote and relive the day when you look through your images. The initial wow factor when you first receive your images is great, and something we work really hard on creating for every couple, but sometimes though, some of the best images are one that grow on you – the pictures that come to mean more and more to you as time passes, and we take great delight in taking these types of shots.


We have huge enthusiasm for wedding photography, we love how everyone has and is able to create a day that is unique as speaks to them as a couple, we are enamoured by how your guests all pull together to show their support for you, to make your day special, as it provides us with a perfect canvas from which to capture the wonderful bonds that you share with each other, your friends and family members.


The ability to provide you with a collection of amazing memories is a great gift, and we love being able to hand over a completed collection of images that encompass a truly amazing time in your life. Being allowed into lives as your wedding photographers is a rewarding and humbling experience unlike any other.


Meet Rebecca, my right hand lady, whom I am very proud to call my wife.


She is the one who not only helps brides and bridesmaids do up their dresses, but helps organise family formals to run smoothly, as well as providing an invaluable second perspective on events during your wedding.


Having a second shooter is a bonus, but having one who shares my life values and who's images reflect her kindness, warmth, and quirky personality is an outright luxury. 

These two cheeky monkeys are Alby and Jasper, our furry members of the family!

Manchester Wedding Photographers